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What's This All About?


Service is what separtes a good experience from a great night out.  Our staff is our family...family we get to choose.  And we love our family.
We're dedicated to bringing you the best possible service.
From the time you call to make a reservation, to seeing the host, and during dinner or lunch, you'll be greated with smiles, southern hospitality, and a knowledgeable staff.
Lots of locals say this places is like CHEERS.  Keep coming back and everyone will know your name.


It's all about the food.  From our local producers, to our steadfast suppliers, we bring ingredients into our kitchen that motivate us chefs.  Whether it's the freshest whole fish, shiitakes freshly picked from a few miles down the road, or anything colorful, we pay respect to the ingredient.  Our philosophy is, if we have fun and are inspired by the ingredients, you'll be more than happy with how those ingredients come together on your plate.


Over the years, we've drank amazing and innovative cocktails; each one served in appropriate glassware with garnishes that elivate the drink.  After lots of research and a couple of hangovers, we put together new cocktail menus based on the weather [yeah, it changes often].
Beer, WE LOVE BEER.  We're dedicated to bringing the best selection of craft beer possible.  We do the most we can with six taps.
Wine, it's alive.  We're sourcing out the best at the best prices.  Check out our $20 bottles.

Michael Ring & Angela Whitney

It takes a great team and leadership to survive in the restaurant business.  Michael and Angela have been working in the service industry for their entire adult lives (with some agricultural and philanthropic sideprojects along they way.)  Michael has cooked in Asheville, Winston-Salem, and Denver Colorado, working under amazing chefs.  He's lived in Warrenton for the past four years and plans on Robinson Ferry Restaurant & Spirits keeping him here for a long time.
Angela Whitney was born in Michigan, but moved to Roanoke Rapids ten years ago.  In case you didn't know, that makes for a great accent.  She ran Ichiban for a couple of years, learning what it takes to keep a restaurant organized from the floor up.  Angela also worked on an organic farm in Oxford, NC.
Michael & Angela both enjoy gardening (even did all the produce for the Burger Barn one year.)  When you work in a restaurant, you better love everything about it, because you live it.  That's what we do.

ChefBear:  AJ Garrelts

Chef AJ brings never before seen culinary talent to this area.  He's high energy, smart, with a keen eye for detail and composition, and genuinely loves to cook.  He's got SOUL.  From Southern Soul Food, to Greece, to France, and even over there in Japan and China, he has the knowlege and pallete to make that food happen.  
Chef AJ cooked in the Norfolk and Yorktown areas of Virgina.  Yeah, he's got seafood down too!  He worked under great chefs that taught him classical french technique and improvisation.  
ChefBear can bake.
ChefBear hosts Trivia on Wednesday nights.
ChefBear likes gardening.
ChefBear is Chef de Cusine at Robinson Ferry Restaurant & Spirits